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Tips For Running In The Rain
Aug 29, 2016

Spring means a great sunny weather, often mean more rain. Rainy day does not mean that you have to run into the room. If you are well prepared, then run in the rain will have some fun, and lets you race in the rain in the future better prepared (since many won't be suspended due to rain). Follow these tips to ready to run in the rain:

On a few of the cold. If it was raining and the weather was cold, you may want to put on some clothes. One of the most important is the personal one. To ensure that it is a high-tech materials, such as polypropylene and Coolmax material, this type of synthetic material will absorb rain and sweat on the skin. The outer layer of clothing should be a vent, blocking the wind and rain jackets or vests. Do not wear a completely watertight raincoats, will prevent the emission of moisture and heat.

Wearing a top hat. Will prevent rainwater from dripping into his face, greatly improving your comfort.

Don't forget to prevent friction. In order to prevent scratches, Glide or Vaseline on your Body often bruised or blisters--such as legs, inner thighs, armpits, sports bra strap (Lady), and nipple (man).

But don't wear too much. This is when players preparing for a rainy day game of taboo. If you wear a lot, then you will get wet – then you're in a heap of heavy wet clothes. Ignoring the rain, choose clothing based on temperature.

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