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Raincoat Is How To Bleed It?
Aug 29, 2016

"The raincoats" is actually a kind of the clothes can be used to keep off the rain, it is generally made of water-repellent fabric. If you want to categorize a raincoat, then it can be divided into three broad categories, categories for Mackintosh, second class in order to prevent poncho raincoats, third plastic raincoat.

Raincoat should be properly maintained, it will shorten the service life of the raincoats, cannot use its inherent value. Raincoats and how exhausting it?

1: adoption of polyester cloth 190 as important raw materials, thickness of 22s, raincoat over than the average across the 4-5S. Cloth and rubber 1.5KG fighting force, about than most raincoats over crossing 0.6KG, reached the domestic scale, raincoat profiles not foaming, can withstand the sustainable use. Sleeve PU material, soft, high, is both waterproof and comfortable.

2: adopt the ancestors seal line skills, sealing function to reach national standards. Completely isolated rain without lining and handle traditional raincoat lined in cloth seepage caused by wet clothing and effects of exhaust problems.

3: unique back ventilation planning: body heat a lot of things to go through back out this feature, create back ventilation plan.

4: the luminous plan: progress raincoat in the rainy night visibility, enhanced road safety on a rainy night.

5: intimate tops program. Raincoat increased brims, and adopt the PVC material tube firmly and does not affect vision, also dealt with a rain-wind disease when harsh or wet glasses problem.

6: two strong rain hat. Adopt the glued blockade programme at the neck and Cap with a retractable rope, rain hat firm. 7: pants adopt the breathable polyester fabric, breathable, soft and high belt retractable to facilitate disagreements worn around the waist.

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