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Motorbike Raincoat Purchase Please Pay Attention To The Following Issues
Aug 29, 2016

Regardless of the kind of materials polyester raincoat raincoats, motorcycle, purchase to pay attention to the following questions:

First, the front cover of. Long can more effectively keep out rain.

Second, rear view mirror cover air inlet to pull resistance. Raincoat here most likely damage the place, especially the sea plastic raincoat.

Third, splash cloth raincoat is it easy to remove the waterproof glue. Methods: the pressed fold, if obvious crease in the inner layer of waterproof glue or inferior materials, easy degumming with pungent odor.

Four, splash cloth raincoat seam to make waterproof tape. No raincoat water permeability of the waterproof tape.

Splash cloth raincoat advantages:

Advantages: resistant to breakage, light weight, easy to carry.

Advantages of sea plastic raincoat:

Pros: waterproof, strong, thick fabric easily blown by the wind, can quickly clear the rain stays on the fabric.

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