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Method For Manufacturing Green Raincoat
Aug 29, 2016

Many people are about environmental, raincoat making business also launched has many of environmental raincoat, environmental raincoat is practical new hit raincoat commodity technology field, primary, will raincoat of information selected has can completely degradation of information making, such prevent its lost Hou on environment constitute pollution, other this practical new in raincoat within sealed has a star (certainly, also can so more star) seed, dang raincoat cannot using, need lost Shi, just will its rubbing into a mission, buried buried in can. Through time, raincoat information and complete degradation, while the seeds can germinate and grow in the soil, is made up of plant, so that not only deal with the raincoat deal with problems of environmental protection, but also planting trees and beautifying effect.

Environmental raincoat of making approach, its features is making of process for: 1, and body material and cap material prepared; 2, and cut open body material of side, will body material into volume to set in main body rear, in body material March of side to has long tube fixed frame Shang of cut knife, cut open March in the of body material; 3, and in body material without cut open of another side melt received cap material, body material across long tube fixed frame, makes to reset cap material left in end of die Shang, Hou makes sets in Cap material of forming die cover Shang, take melt received module within melt received heat and the glial pad key collection, makes body material and cap material melt received forming; 4, and arc type side body and the shirt sets one forming melt received, will two tablets now has Shang, and Xia parting of body material tablets melt received into arc type received side of simple raincoat forming; 5, and products cut parting, in above simple raincoat forming of with, cut knife cut parting into a has arc type received side of simple raincoat and shirt sets products; 6, and classification stacked packaging.

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