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How To Buy A Raincoat _ Shopping Skills
Aug 29, 2016

1, size: raincoat will often have a height to choice package raincoat size comparison chart, but because raincoat raincoats manufactured by manufacturers on the market, size is not the same, so the consumer is not recommended more than a raincoat size directly to buy different brands of raincoats, prone to error.

2, try: raincoats are best to try on, but usually Mall raincoat cannot try on recommended common clothes people buy raincoats, l, m, and so on, would be well shielded, more winter clothes are also available.

3, see material: raincoat material can be divided into three categories, different materials prices are different. Consumers can purchase according to the actual situation: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material: often seen outside the translucent jelly plastic raincoats, such raincoats are cheap, but easy to broken.

4, nylon and PVC-material: nylon fabric surface with a layer of PVC waterproof layer, its affordable and resistant to breakage, is now main raincoat.

5, and to waterproof breathable cloth for material: cloth of within surface coated Shang a layer waterproof breathable paint, like police, and climbing who common of raincoat, it of waterproof breathable layer each inches square enough has 1 billion a micro-hole, these micro-hole can let gas molecular through, is cannot let larger of water molecular through, so can up waterproof breathable effect, waterproof breathable cloth of shortcomings is price compared expensive

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