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Green Raincoat To Introduce The Principle Of Reflective Green Raincoat
Aug 29, 2016

Weather is unpredictable, especially in summer, so an umbrella is an indispensable tool in people's lives. But most summer were rainstorms, umbrellas in heavy rain seems to be there is no good defense effect suit raincoat. Remember that small school cycling, always wearing green raincoat, even wearing a raincoat, to school still wet a sheet, then really hate wearing a raincoat, is as ugly, and second, because even if wear is only capable of blocking a little bit, the design is not suitable.

The continuous improvement of people's living standards over time, people's pursuit of along the more and more fierce. Essential gear on rainy days, soon became the new darling of the fashion group play. Traditional raincoat, the effect is only rain, and green reflective raincoat, in traditional raincoat fashion on the basis of the elements, the selection was one of the new high-tech waterproof material. Rain PVC,EVA in materials, coating and so on. On the pattern and colors of the raincoats, and bold innovation, complete full color single, ugly traditional raincoat into a wide range of styles and fashion. Now coat not only fashion, but more reasonable.

Reflective raincoat is based on structure without changing the existing raincoat, in the upper body and shoulders back and forth symmetrical parts or other parts, strong safety signs made of reflective material. Making the raincoats by street lamps or lamps, and illuminated by natural light, produced a dazzling reflection of light to alert vehicle alert before and after to achieve the security objective. Rainy weather under poor light conditions, protective clothing reflective raincoat to traffic safety. Due to reflective raincoat raincoats sets reflective structures on the outer surface, riding on a rainy night, oncoming car lights in all directions on a reflective strip, reflect visible light, draw the driver's attention in a timely manner to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

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