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Caution: A Thunderstorm Wearing A Raincoat And Umbrella Security
Aug 29, 2016

1, in desert storm, wearing a raincoat and umbrella security. When it is at a near thunderstorm environment, should stop walking, umbrella and feet to squat immediately. Even without an umbrella, nor Gallop run, until the Thunder away gradually, before quickly took shelter in search of a safe place.

2, do not shelter from the rain under a tree. If this is the last resort needs to stay in the tree, you must work with the tree trunk and branches remain above 2 meters distance, and try to squat down and put your feet close up. This can reduce the body's height and can prevent the step voltage hazard.

3, during a thunderstorm to suspend outdoor activities as much as possible. Do not touch the rail, wire. Cannot run in a thunderstorm, nor ride a bike, let alone riding a motorcycle. Close to seek refuge from the mine sites, caves, and acres of Housing Department.

4, try to avoid open areas to avoid thunderstorms, there is no way, should try to reduce the height of the convex surface of the body. Not a few people crowded stacks, not from person to person contact, in case the current transfer to each other.

5, a thunderstorm must not ride bicycles, motorcycles or drive a tractor, not hoes and other metal things on his shoulder, Lady won the best head wear metal hair clips and other items.

6, if lightning occurs, the people in the room, pay attention to close the doors and Windows, avoid the conductive effect caused by indoor humidity and lightning disasters. Try to unplug the power supply from electrical equipment, telephone lines, cable, network cable metal cables into and out of the Interior.

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