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why raincoats are yellow?
Jun 16, 2017

In the rainy day water fog may obscures our view, especially the rainy night, dark color raincoat will be mix with the surrounding environment, it is difficult to cause the drivers attention. 

Yellow is a warm tone, in people's visual world is relatively easy to be identified, such as traffic lights (red\yellow\green). Maybe you will ask, why it is not red or green? It is because the green color is cold, and the red is too dazzling.The water vapor density is high in rainy day, visibility is reduced, easy visual fatigue, and in this case choose the yellow raincoat better than the red raincoat

The yellow raincoat will increase the car lights of the light rate, to remind others to pay attention to their own existence. So in the rainy day is best to wear a large contrast with the surrounding environment raincoat, A warm tone raincoats such as yellow raincoats, reflective raincoats and so on are a good choice.


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