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Why is raincoat waterproof?
Jul 14, 2017

When I was a child , my mother would ride a bike to pick me up after school. When I met the rainy day, I would like to get under my mother's raincoat and ask her every moment: "Where are we going?" A small raincoat in the rainy days add a lot of fun for my childhood, but also avoid many people to became dripping wet, then why can the raincoat waterproof?

Raincoat add a lot of fun for childhood

This is related to the production material of raincoats, raincoats are made of waterproof cloth, such as tape, tarpaulins and plastic film, raincoat prototype from a British rubber workers called McIntus, once he put the rubber solution drops to the clothes by accident, the rubber solution soon into the clothes, the poor McDowows reluctant to lose this cloth, then continue to wear it work, and soon he found that this cloth is no longer afraid of the water, He simply painted the whole cloth with rubber solution, then it’s the first piece of the most simple raincoat, and later people through continuous improvement, raincoat material and style are become more and more, and gradually into the people’s life, but no matter how it change, a nature of raincoat is never changed, that is, rain drops in the above will soon gather into a small water droplets after the flow, which is the reason for raincoat waterproof.

When a drop of liquid falls on a solid surface, there are two different states depending on the attraction between the different material molecules and the attraction between the molecules inside the liquid. When the attraction of the molecule between the liquid and the solid is less than the attraction of the molecules inside the liquid, the droplet will tend to shrink into a small droplet on the solid surface; when the attraction of the molecule between the liquid and the solid is greater than that of the liquid When attract, the droplets will tend to be flattened on the solid surface. For the former phenomenon, physicists call "no infiltration", such as mercury drops on the glass, the latter phenomenon is called "infiltration", such as water droplets on the glass plate. Rain falls on the surface of the raincoat is a non-infiltration phenomenon, because the rubber molecules on the water molecules is much less attractive than the attractiveness of water molecules, water molecules prefer to get together, rolling down from the raincoats. At the same time, there are many small holes in the fabric of making raincoat, but because the rain is not infiltration in rubber, water molecules are difficult to pass through these holes through the raincoat fabric, and these holes on the air molecules do not achieve the role of the organization, which ensure the breathability of raincoat.

Since the key of raincoat rainproof is layer of rubber on the general cloth, then when keep the raincoat should also pay special attention not to damage the fabric of the waterproof layer, not to mention to avoid sharp objects scratch raincoats, there are two thing needs special attention, the first is after raincoat cleaning try to avoid drying in the sun, in case rubber aging, rubber is a polymer material, itself has a lot of atomic groups and unsaturated chemical bonds, it is easy mix with a variety of ingredients in the air, such as oxygen react, and this reaction is irreversible; Second, when raincoat storage, please try not to put it with things like oil, in case these substances contaminated the raincoat, we all knew that it’s hard to wash if we had dirty the raincoat.



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