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Why Most Of The Pedestrian Choose The Umbrella But Not Raincoat?
Oct 20, 2017

Today, under the umbrella and the whole leg was still inclined to blow rain, was wondering if there is enough long raincoat will not be caught. But it seems neither I or others on the street, basically is to use an umbrella, and cycling people are basically use raincoats. If the rider use raincoat instead of umbrella is because of convenient, then why the pedestrian choose the umbrella but not raincoat? 

From the product point of view, can be understood as different user scenarios produce different user requirements, according to different needs of different products, to achieve different user value.

It rains, walking and cycling people have the demand for rainproof but the specific needs are different.

umbrella.jpgWalking scenes: walking, hand, shoes are easy to get wet, by the rain area is small

Corresponding needs: can cover the head and body, shoes are not wet

Derived products Umbrellas and boots: to meet the needs of users to meet the needs of the user taking into account the convenience of the use of umbrellas is very convenient, boots and raincoats inconvenient.

YS-6003 Poncho.jpgRiding scene: riding, no hand, by the rain area.

Corresponding needs: cover the body, can cover the car the best, do not hand

Derived product raincoat: to meet the needs of users, but the umbrella is not satisfied, so the use of value.

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