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What To Wear In Beach Man?
Oct 06, 2017

Lead: Six feet tall, perfect proportion, wheat color skin, fashion hairstyle, eight - pack. So easy to wearing a swim trunks are the focus, even mankini can also be perfect control, but you sure to wear that can walk into a swimming pool and the beach resort? A tight swim briefs, perhaps not your first choice for sunbathing on the beach. We simulated four beaches for you with different swim trunks (good and bad), of course, some optional tips will offer.

swim brief.jpg

Owners will choose swim brief

When you put a professional swim trunks in the holiday bag, think clearly, which means that you want to swim in the swimming pool or beach tour half an hour or an hour in the morning or midnight, a beach pants really can not release their own body.

In the early morning, the first sunshine just jumped out of the sea, orange light, at the end of the line of sight filled open. You was awakened by the first bird, pushed the window, deep breath of the moist air, decided to enjoy the beauty of the sea alone before anyone else, so you put in a knit trousers tight body swim brief, jumped from the window, into the beach.

swim trunk.jpg

The contestant will pick up his swim trunks

Half leg or full leg tight swim trunks only have one function, let you swim faster. Of course, perhaps you also use these swim trunks in the indoor pool to show their professionalism.

The first man jumped into the sea, and the second man jumped into the sea, but more people were like you, hesitating, looking at the water over the foot, looking at the hometown of the other side. After that, you clenched a few punches, closed your eyes, jumped in, struggling to hit the sea with your arms, and your knees tight swim trunks together, to the opposite sprint.

boady swim trunk.jpg

All-round will choose a body swim trunks

Siamese swim trunks are the most functional, can play a protective role on the skin. Diving, surfing, can be worn. But if it is not to be tanned, then why do not you put a bath at home to spend a summer afternoon with soap opera?

"The Sky, even more than all this before the occurrence of the blue, it is not the general blue, and any time the sky is not the same - there is light blue, with the line of sight away, even in the horizon there is a break , In the distance of the cracks, the color of the deep down, like the trench caused by the sea color suddenly darkp, now is mapped to the sky. Look at the withered trees outside the house, you can cover the body cover the body of the leather swimsuit And want to take the last time before the world does not collapse, go to the sea to enjoy the last time.


Vacationers will choose beach shorts

A plain beach shorts can even let you in the coastal city to deal with any occasion, so compared to other swimming trunks, this style of swimming trunks is the most recommended. Also believe that you go to the beach is for holiday, put on a beach shorts will make you seems to enjoy life.

"At the moment you finally stood in Latvia stretches 33 kilometers of Jurmala beach, white sand on the beach full of blonde guys, you think, here is heaven. Move forward, adjust the breath, looked down under the beach pants you wear today, finishing a few times, fortunately, no one can see you excited.


Fat body cover styles

The same beach shorts, still have all kinds of dazzling details, perhaps, in the choice of these details, you can first consider their own body. Waist and legs have fat puff physique, do not wear special fit swim trunks.

For this figure of men, its your best choice to choose loose but waist without elastic or drawsting waist swim trunks.Youngstar this swim trunks you can be used as ordinary shorts to wear, waist adjustment on both sides of the pumping belt, very easy to move. More over its quick-drying performance, even if you walk into the room from the outdoor pool, it will not be wet people uncomfortable.


Knee style makes strong

Thin boys, please try to avoid wearing tight or short swim trunks, that makes you look like a rudimentary child. Wearing a drawstring and knee-length swim trunks, will make you look less fragile. In addition, wide striped swim trunks can make you look more stronger.


Surf board swim trunks abdomen

Beer belly chowhound figure, need to choose the middle or to the length of the knee and loose swim trunks, surf board swim trunks are the most suitable, so the most suitable for the shape of this line. The design of the waist drawstring can easily adjust the size and comfort, will not make the pants in the embarrassing position. 


Short swim trunks modified legs long

Short stature, avoid the long drawstring swim trunks, try to choose the length of short and Slim swim trunks, so visually will increase your height. To avoid more than 15 cm trousers, otherwise people are attracted to your eyes, certainly not because of what a good thing.

It is often thought that the streamlined design will appear slender, but not for those who are not tall. Although like this short section of swimming trunks look like you usually love to wear flat angle underwear, but with your four abdominal muscles, but also get a lot of retention rate.


Length is the key to everything

No matter how tall you are, trousers do not be shorter than 10 cm. In general, the height of 180 cm up and down, the appropriate length of the legs is 15 to 17 cm; height less than 175cm, aimed at the length of the trousers between 10 to 13 cm.

Suggestions about skin color?

If your skin is white, try not to try such a bright fluorescent color, these swim trunks will be more prominent your body warm colors, absolutely do not shoot you want to send a picture in the circle of friends. In this case the cool color, especially the color of the cold color, such as possession of blue and black, are not wrong choice. The opposite is the same, if your skin is dark, try to choose a strong contrast to the bright color of the department of it, after all, only you can wear the essence of the color.

What can not be worn?

Whether for stature or height, there is always a minefield is that you can avoid: Do not put the brand logo on the body.

Yes, really suck the eye, but this kind of wearing the first impression is the lack of self-confidence, not to mention what personal dress style. The brand did not give the endorsement fee, why do you want to be a billboard. Choosing a dress for your body and color will look much more tasted.  

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