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What Is The Difference Between Water Repellent Clothes And Raincoats?
Oct 20, 2017

Abstract: What is the difference between Water repellent clothes and raincoats? In general, the water repellent fabric is used to form water droplets (like lotus leaf) on the cloth, but they are not really waterproof, but to reduce the adsorption of water by the fabric so that the water can be "paused" on the surface of the fabric. The raincoat is a waterproof fabric, a waterproof film, is able to block the rain. So, we still do not really put the waterproof function of the clothes as a raincoat ~


Do not take "water repellent" clothes as raincoat - talk about the difference between water repellent and waterproof clothes

Many beginners to see their outdoor enthusiasts to buy a new jacket with water repellent function, a rainy day, he smiled, wearing new clothes directly chic confidently wandering in the rain. Did not expect to walk around feeling wrong ... ... Is it water repellent? How is it wet?

In fact, "water repellent" and "waterproof" is two different things, today we come to talk about the difference between the two.

In fact, water repellent, often also written into splash resistant, professional terms have also become splashing, English is water repellent, abbreviated as W / R. Refers to the hydrophobic compound deposited on the surface of the fiber, leaving the surface of the fabric pores, air and water can also be through, usually in the cloth to form water droplets (like lotus leaves). But they are not really waterproof, but to reduce the water is the adsorption of the fabric, so that the water can be in the fabric surface was "paused." Water stay a long time or will infiltrate the inside. The fabric of the anti-watering effect will be with the washing and prolonged use and gradually weakened, or even failure.

Such as, with a water repellent / splashing clothes, when the sky drizzle, you can wear in the rain trot for a few minutes, and then quickly shake off the clothes surface water, then you clothes inside can not get wet, but may also be wet. The degree of wetness is related to the amount of water drop and the residence time.

If you see a product page written "water repellent / splashing", please do not think you can really wear it out of a romantic rain stroll, or act as a temporary raincoat, because the rain may really send you drenching- Through the product page with the pictures looks how heavy rain how dry clothes, models look more dry, please trust me, do not look at advertising to see the effect!

And then talk about waterproof, English is water resistant / water proof, here should refer to the waterproof breathable fabric, generally refers to the bottom of the fabric to do the bottom, coating and lamination (laminated) is the often two. coating is often said that the coating, lamination is a layer of waterproof material in the back. In most cases, the use of laminated (film) materials, but also capsule fiber, tight fabric, silicification and other forms of treatment, and usually in the fabric, People often say "waterproof film". Waterproof film through the paste process will be thin film and other materials composite fabric to form a composite fabric, which used to film with the composite fabric itself is not waterproof, such as polyester fiber, nylon, etc., so when we wear waterproof clothing encountered water weather , Will see the water into the clothing inside, like the ordinary fabric of the same clothing, but the inner layer of clothing is dry, and no water infiltration, which is the middle of the composite fabric layer of waterproof film played a role.

As for that is not a waterproof film with the clothes will be able to 100% of the waterproof effect, this is not sure. Because the clothes are completely waterproof and seams at the use of the pressure strip, zipper waterproof performance also has a great relationship. Fabric waterproof and water repellent refers to the functionality of the fabric itself, the seam at the needle or zipper gap if not processed clothing can not reach 100% waterproof.

So it is not a special situation, or special needs, do not really take water repellent clothes as a raincoat 

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Waterproof fabric and water repellent fabric difference

In the early development of waterproof fabrics occupy the largest market share of the paste film-type fabric using ptfe (polytetrafluoroethylene) type of film, such films are microporous membrane, waterproof performance can bear the water pressure, not 100 % Waterproof. In contrast, the other in recent years by more and more brands used by the film - non-porous hydrophilic film not only its own hole to 100% waterproof to make the product more reliable waterproof performance, some non-porous hydrophilic film more Because it is environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body and more people in the industry optimistic, this material does not contain ptfe ingredients, can be directly in contact with the skin, and can be recycled like pet plastic recycling. Here to teach you to see the difference between waterproof fabrics and water repellent fabrics.

Usually, these thin-film technology will not directly sell the film to the clothing brand, they paste the process of film and other materials, composite fabric, the formation of composite fabrics. The fabric used in combination with the film itself is not waterproof, such as polyester fiber, nylon, etc., so when we wear waterproof clothing encountered water spray, you will see the water into the clothing inside, like ordinary fabric clothing , But the inner layer of clothing is dry, and no water infiltration, which is the middle of the composite fabric layer of waterproof film work.

 If the water is scattered on the clothing into a small water droplets and then fall, usually because the fabric used by the water repellent treatment, water repellent treatment is actually covered in the fabric surface of a layer of special treatment, usually in the finished product stereotypes to join dwr, resulting in durable water repellent performance. The purpose of using the dwr coating is that water can form small drops of water or fall directly from the garment surface when it drips onto the surface of the garment to prevent the fabric from absorbing moisture and, at the same time, make it easier to remove oil from the garment surface. Most of the waterproof clothing are used in this dwr water repellent treatment, and the advantage of using dwr treatment can make the clothing surface does not absorb moisture, so as to ensure that waterproof fabric can achieve good ventilation, so that the body has a very good dress Feelings.

In short, the basic waterproof fabric can reach 100% waterproof, but in order to get a more comfortable wearing experience, so that these waterproof fabrics play a very good breathable effect, dwr water repellent treatment is also necessary. In addition, the clothing completely waterproof and seams at the use of pressure, zipper and other clothing accessories waterproof performance is also a great relationship, because the fabric of waterproof and water repellent refers to the fabric itself, the joints of the needle or the gap of the zipper can not reach 100% waterproof if it has not been treated.

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