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What is Difference Between PA Coating And PU Coating?How to tell it.
Nov 03, 2017

Sometimes hear the coating process of windbreaker jacket and down jacket fabric, common with pu glue and PA glue. Listen more, but not able to tell it.Today, when I was thinking about the problem, suddenly thought that some people may not know how to distinguish, so here to give you about science.

1.PA glue, also known as AC coating. Chemical name is: acrylic coating. Is now one of the most common coating process. The fabric after the AC glue process, can increase the hardness and feel, and it is windproof. The other is to add a little drape, looks more stylish.

2.PU coating, I like to call it transparent glue. The chemical name is  polyurethane coating. After the fabric in the PU coating process after the coating, the fabric will be corresponding  increase the hardness, and gradually, to reduce the water seepage.

YS-1003 Windbreaker Jacket.jpg

After a brief introduction, we know that PA and PU transparent glue from the appearance is difficult to distinguish. But PA and PU or there still have a difference. How do you see it? Here are a few ways.

1.PA feel more coarseness but PU more smooth,PU flexible better than  PA ;

2.Glossiness ,PA no glossiness ,PU glossiness and bright;

3.PU has a good sense of film,touch the feeling of the film. In short, PU brighter, flexible, there is a sense of film and AC does not have these conditions.

4.With rubber pressure on the fabric and then pull up, PA will follow the rubber stick up and PU is not.

5.In the two pieces of cloth on the surface of the drop of a few drops of toluene, if possible. And then gently rub with your hand.Pay attention to protect the hands do not directly contact with toluene , PA coating will be off, PU will not.

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