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what are beach shorts?
Aug 25, 2017

A real beach shorts should meet the following conditions:

1.The fabric does not absorb water it’s the minimum requirements, come up from the sea no one would like to wear a beach shorts, which the entire trousers are full of heavy water, it’s tied to walk on the beach.

1.A good beach shorts are not strong water absorption, even if the stay in the water for half an hours, after on ashore water will quickly slip down along the gravity.

2. A professional beach shorts fabric even after the sea,  ashore is quick to dry, such as your beach in the Maldives soaked in water,ashore to find a bar with a few friends to chat, see the beauty, a bottle of beer down, shorts have been dried up by the sea breeze.

3. Professional beach shorts use fiber mesh pockets, the back pockets are dispensable, if require a back pocket,pocket bottom must have a metal ring embedded in the hole, it easy for the sea water and sand to flow from the small metal hole.

4. Professional beach shorts waist are with drawstring, so there are two benefits, this guarantee short waist can be fully fit hip and waist type, reduce muscle damage to the waist, and secondly, the big waves can not wash your shorts off.  Often in the seaside tourist attractions to play people have experience, a big wave call, often can see the showing moment, this is obviously very important, unless you love the beach nude swimming.

5. Professional beach shorts are equipped with fiber mesh lining, you can use as the underwear, more important is the 'safety problem' cheap beach shorts let you go to the sea after the curve of water, all exposed, professional beach shorts with mesh lining, so that you do not have no burden of security.


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