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Uniform raincoat what are the main features of
Aug 29, 2016

Different careers and jobs have different uniforms, workwear and protective clothing. Workwear should possess to prevent hazards, suitable for thermoregulation, not hinder physical activity, wash and wear conditions. Raincoats have a uniform, too?, how to choose uniforms raincoat? is mainly based on productive labor environment and the different types of decisions. In General, engaged in the production of acid, alkali, oxidant and solvent types of workers, it is best to wear good acid and alkali-resistant performance, corrosion-resistant overalls, made of polypropylene, polyester, an-VDC copolymer fibers clothing work clothes. Workers engaged in mechanical, construction, transport sectors, it is best to wear wear resistance strong uniform raincoat, such as nylon, then made of polyester, polypropylene or fine canvas uniform-style raincoat. Workers engaged in flammable and explosive work, it is best to wear cotton, linen, silk, wool made of natural fiber fabrics such as work clothes, because the fiber is easy to cause static response.

-Uniform raincoat main features:

1, hat, comfortable and waterproof.

2, good ventilation effect.

3, hats and beautiful.

4 design, elastic cuffs, waterproof back

5. highlight reflective strip to ensure workers ' safety.

6. the special joints with waterproof and leak-proof design is adopted, is incomparable to other products.

Uniform-style raincoats made of PVC material, soft and comfortable fabric, waterproof and breathable, no delamination, sutures are made of waterproof technology, nonpoisonous and tasteless, has good water-resistance and cheering behind the reflective strip and conveniently used at night, and enhanced security.

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