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The development of sportswear market
Jul 20, 2018

The development of sportswear market:
Middle and old sports clothing market National Fitness is sports, sportswear market is business, the two seem to have no relationship. In fact, there is a close relationship between sports and business. At present, sports business has become a pivotal industry in China's commercial system, for example, the 1998 China Sporting Goods Expo in Fuzhou has become the third largest sporting goods exposition in the world.
Sports consumption has become a kind of industry and today's fashion. New research suggests that physical activity helps improve brain function. The brain produces a substance called acetylcholine, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, whether teenagers or middle-aged and elderly, often take part in physical exercise can be long-term to maintain the spirit of excitement, happiness, physical comfort, and ultimately achieve a healthy growth or longevity effect.
This is why people pay more and more attention to physical exercise and increase the investment in sports consumption every year. In addition to these wonderful physical feelings, it is more important for the middle-aged and the elderly to take part in the fitness activities so that they can get back into society, participate in society, find their own social status and social values in the new social environment and new social groups, and reshape their image.
Opportunities and occasions to establish their place in the new group. Participation in fitness activities brought about by all these changes, can play to weaken or eliminate the old people by the history of the obsolete, by the social abandonment and a variety of loneliness, such as the negative effects of psychological elimination.
The alleviation of psychological depression will enable the elderly to regain a positive psychological response and the enjoyment of life, thus making their lives, especially the spiritual life become full and happy. In addition to the functional characteristics of sports clothing, the production of sportswear, style, color and fabric on the wearer's psychological role and influence has long been confirmed by clothing and color science. Simple style, bright colors, high quality fabric of the athletic wear, the same will induce the elderly nervous system excited, pleasant positive effect, and then stimulate the body of the whole benign reaction. Therefore, wearing their favorite sportswear, will make the elderly more youthful vigor will also arouse their enthusiasm for fitness activities and active participation spirit. A nation is composed of individual members, and the health of national individual body will naturally bring the prosperity of the whole nation.
Obviously, in the many achievements of fitness activities, the important role of sportswear can not be overlooked. In Chinese folk, since ancient times there has been the spread of martial arts, qigong, kicking shuttlecock, Yangge and other effective, suitable for the elderly fitness and recreational activities, and in the thousands of years of popular, heritage process to form a match with the characteristics of the sports clothing. In these fitness activities, the elderly although there is no demand for clothing, but with the depth of participation, the improvement of sports skills, as well as the promotion of the National Fitness campaign to carry out a variety of competitions, performances and networking activities of the increase, people on the special sports clothing will naturally mention the agenda. The development of the National Fitness campaign will also promote the all-round development of Chinese sports apparel market in the promotion of sports business in China.

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