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The development of beach shorts
Sep 22, 2017

In early 1800, people began to flock to the seaside entertainment beach. The introduction of the railway, the sunny ocean border beach became a more popular pastime. At the same time outdoor casual fashion clothing became a hobby of favorite lady. Here, we can master the path to the fashion swimwear. That is the predecessor of beach shorts.

18th century

18th century beach swimming phenomenon, some people think that do not touch the sun will keep the skin white. According to the 1797 fashion data show that the protected face shading cap, scarves and gloves, they handled a group of two bathers in the Cavani. Ladies are aware that the weight of the blouse-like swimsuit can prevent the robe skirt from showing up their legs, and this period has slowly ruled the fashion through this way.


At the beginning of the nineteenth century women flocked to the leisure beach means swimsuit a revolution began. 1810 fashion magazine introduced the elegant.

September 1810 Label Assemble Fashion


"White French green forest, or pale pink Muslims, long sleeves, dress with white vintage cuffs like white tartsers of white French green forest, which is trimmed at the bottom of the clothes. Light yellow, dark green border and rich silk Jacquard short scarf, wearing light yellow gloves and light yellow or white Moroccan sandals, this simple dress molding.

In the mid-19th century:

The clothes that bathed in the mid-19th century covered most of the female image. In 1864 Godey was influenced by the long lantern creative women's clothing. In the book stressed the clothing.

Bath machine:

In the shallow ocean beach near the Ocean Resort, they are in the bath after the small house on the wheel to the inside of the water out and drag back to the shore. This is rarely seen in white sandy beaches.

The bathing machine allows a wealthy woman to stay safe on Victoria Beach for a day. When the horses load the hut on the beach, the nineteenth century women will remove the powder, enter the hut and wear the bath, so that will not let clothes soak in water. Flannel fabric, must be suitable for most of the swimmer.

In the 1890s:

Young ladies in the enjoyment of sunbathing, put on the latest 1890 swimsuit. Women usually wear black lanterns swimsuit, collar, sleeves are sailors. Bath clothes are usually equipped with black stockings, lace bathing slippers, you can note that swimmers are filled with dotted stockings and silk hat with silk.



At the end of the nineteenth century, people were flocking to the beachfront swimming and other popular and trendy seaside activities, surfing bathing, and diving. The clumsy Victorian style swimsuit has become a heavy burden. The new clothing is conservative but not free, is the young lady at the beach side of the most common phenomenon.


Until 1910, women's swimsuit has broken through the conservative costume design. In the Victoria Beach side has not seen the kind of lanterns before the bath swimwear.


Until the twentieth century, the first few decades, women in the ocean in the only event is catching waves near the beach. In 1915, female athletes began to share the actual movement of swimming with people, so swimsuit began to be gradually reduced to reduce the weight due to water.



In the early 1920s, women's swimsuit had been gradually reduced to clothing that could bare above the knees. Although the matching stockings will still be worn, swimsuit began to shorten the position above the stockings. From the mid-1920s fashion magazine told the reader that "the recent eastern Jersey swimwear has become a casual habit of dressing around people."

Until today, swimwear evolved beach shorts and beach clothing has become another fashionable beach leisure. Its main features are easy to wash, quick dry, comfortable and soft. As well as very suitable for outdoor sports, home leisure, street fashion and other occasions filled. Was accepted by more and more people.

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