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Swim trunks difference with shorts?
Sep 08, 2017


Style difference

The obvious difference between swim trunks and under shorts differences is the style difference, high waist design is usually for swim trunks, to prevent showing in the swimming; normal waist design can be swim trunks or under shorts; Low waist design is use for under shorts before, but with the development of the times, people are more and more love for the triangle low waist swim trunks, and low waist triangle swim trunks to facilitate people to enjoy sunbathing, in addition to wearing comfortable, it is very small resistance when swimming.


Material difference

Under shorts people wear more for the daily use, the comfort requirements are relatively high, so the under shorts generally use cotton fabric design, and underwear is not waterproof; and swim trunks usually wear when swimming, bare in the air and water for a long time, so swim pants material requirements of a strong and flexible, not tight, opaque, waterproof, bright color.


Price difference

The general quality of the under shorts is cheap, good quality under shorts, of course, the price is expensive; swim trunks relative to the under shorts, the number of wear is not a lot, but because of the quality of certain requirements, so the price is relatively expensive, the better quality the more expensive.

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