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Shop By Raincoat Styles
Aug 11, 2017

Windbreaker raincoats: windbreaker raincoats are commonly known as Peter Pan, poncho raincoats, is a generally common raincoat.

Advantages: windbreaker raincoat is easy to use, wearing fast.

Disadvantages: for the leg of the rain function is slightly inadequate, if the rain or the wind is heavy, the legs are often get wet by the rain or wet by beside car.


Two-part raincoat: two-part raincoat is rain jacket with rain pants 2 pcs rainsuit, usually use by motorcycle people.

Advantages: Rainpoof of the leg is better than windbreaker raincoat. 

Disadvantages: It's more troublesome to wear, If the rain comes a little more quickly, you will be wet if you haven't worn it yet.


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