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​Requirements and characteristics of sportswear
Jul 20, 2018

Requirements and characteristics of sportswear:

The function and form of human body will change with the increase of age, especially when people enter middle age, the body's function, shape and psychological changes will be more significant.
They are no longer like the young people in the direction of development, but to the height of fat and thin individual differences pull large discrete state evolution: abdominal large waist, buttocks fall, the collapse of the chest hunchback is some of the typical characteristics of middle-aged and old. In the face of such a special group, sportswear manufacturers if there is no uniform size, can not be unified proofing, can not be on the assembly line production. Modifying the plate type and small batch production will increase the cost. This is the last thing a manufacturer wants to do. Therefore, the current middle-aged and elderly in the purchase of sportswear into the left only "a little bit of fat" situation. Second, the elderly in the body to stimulate the resilience of the decline, especially the elderly, they do not want to endure such as hard cuffs, short crotch, tight trousers and chemical fiber fabrics to the discomfort of the organism. And the traditional Chinese ethics and aesthetic concepts make the middle-aged and the elderly in the choice of clothing more formal, introverted, lack of foreign elderly in the style of clothing bold, lively psychological characteristics, so the sports clothing color, style, fabric, function and accessories requirements are more difficult to meet than the young people.
caused people to think that the elderly "picky", "difficult to wait" misunderstanding. In fact, the middle-aged and old people's consumption psychology of sportswear is interlinked with the consumption mentality of ordinary clothing. With the growth of age and experience, the psychological quality of people tends to mature and stable. Therefore, in general, the elderly in the choice of sports clothing first requires tones can neither too dull and dreary, can not be colorful, color should be concise and crisp, pure and elegant, both people feel pleasing, and extraordinary refined, while the style should be stable and dignified, relaxed and decent, comfortable and generous, the function should be soft and warm, good elasticity, fine processing, Quality and price appropriate ...
, and so on, have reduced their choice of sports clothing. Although in recent years, many clothing experts and scholars constantly call on the middle-aged and the elderly to emancipate their minds, break through the old Chinese traditional clothing aesthetic concepts and customs and age feeling of bondage to their own clothing, bold choice of beautiful colors and styles, to show that middle-aged and elderly people still have youthful vitality of the wind color, But the traditional ideas and customs that have been formed in China for thousands of years are not easy to be reversed overnight, and the yellow complexion of the Chinese is a color that makes clothing difficult to match. In this respect, the clothing manufacturers have not been fully understood.

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