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Raincoat HS Code Classification
Nov 01, 2017

The country recently appeared continuous heavy rain caused many floods, the original summer rain is our love, can give the hot weather to cool down, but this continuous rain let you travel inconvenience, then all kinds of rain gear into our daily life, rain boots, umbrella, raincoat... So how to choose these rain gear?Do not know if you have studied it? I would like to take everyone to study the types of raincoats and different types of models under their various possible classification! I found that each study of goods can always find some sort of usually good product which did not notice, this time study of the raincoat category i found the best in the raincoat - Jackets. I don’t know if there anyone surprise like me, even Jackets also considered as raincoat? I always think it is sporting goods. So I quickly access to a variety of information. Jackets is a special category of the garment industry, also known as windbreaker, is our popular raincoat. Generally it have  rainproof, windproof, breathable features, what does the Jackets looks like?


(Top, pants style the same)

jacket and pant.png

Two main fabrics of Jacket:

(1) One is ePTFE microporous  laminating  fabric, the current domestic mostly GORE-TEX, DENTIK, EVENT, 3TO1-TEX these types. It is waterproof and breathable function is in the clothing outside the fabric on a layer of microporous film, which is smaller than water molecules, but larger than gas molecules, can stop the rain while evaporating their own sweat.

(2) The other is PU or TPU coating (or laminating) hydrophilic fabric, its function is by non-porous waterproof layer and hydrophilic molecular chain structure to achieve.

It is generally accepted that Gore-Tex is the best fabric to made Jacket in the market, it is understood that Gore-Tex generally has three kinds of fabrics:


Gore-Tex film is sandwiched between the surface and lining making it more simple and cheaper, thought it wearable but too hard and not so confortable


GORE-TEX film is only added to the surface of the fabric in the production of garments plus inside the production of trivial price is slightly higher but the clothing is more soft and comfortable and more ventilation


GORE-TEX film only on the outside of the cloth is the GORE test qualified high water breathable cloth because the cloth can be freely selected by the designer style can be made a variety of changes in the most soft and comfortable clothing more ventilation.

So why the Jackets can have so good waterproof, breathable, windproof function? Please see the following performance description:


GORE-TEX with a microporous structure creates a complete waterproof performance of the GORE-TEX fabric. Each pore size is about twenty thousandth of a drop of water. This means that the outside water can not pass through the film. Whether it is rain or snow or you stepped on the sewage pits are no exception.


GORE-TEX Film pore size is 700 times the water vapor molecules so sweat can easily evaporate through the micro-hole to ensure that you are dry and comfortable from inside to outside when you exercise a good breathability is to ensure your comfort an important factor.


Are you trembling? This may be caused by the cold effect. When the cold wind passes away from your clothes to take away the heat stored in your body's sensitive microclimate, this effect is produced and the GORE-TEX film has a non-penetrating wind Layer can block the wind invasion to ensure your comfort Your clothes are breathable and the cold wind can not enter.

I am not sure if the above description will make you to buy a jacket, but I do. Well, here we have this Jackets as an example to discuss the classification of raincoats .

Talk about the classification of clothing first thought is to first confirm that men or women, is knitted or woven. Then consider other issues, we assume that the above Jackets for men's woven Jackets, then see Figure 1 picture we first think of it in line with the clothing in the definition of casual suit? Set! 

"Casual suit" means the following set of garments (except for suits and items 62.07 or 62.08) of the same fabric and retail package:

One of the top body wearing the clothes, but except the vest, because the vest can be used as underwear; and

One or two different body wearing a bottom body clothing, that is trousers, bra straps with overalls, breeches, shorts (except swimming shorts), skirts or skirt pants.

The suit, the style, the color and the composition must be the same;

Size should also be matched with each other. The term "casual suit" does not include sportswear and ski suits for heading 62.11.

Look at the casual suit comments seem to be classified into this item, thing is over? Categorized often like a finding crop game, we still have to play extremely spirit to see if there is any trap! I am continue to browse the sixty-two chapters of the entire chapter, and sure enough I found a limit.

May be classified as heading 62.10 or in other articles of this chapter, and the remainder shall be included in heading 62.10 if the items listed in heading 62.09 are included in the heading.

From the above note, if the jackets are not baby clothes, then it is also very likely to return to the item 62.10. The problem came, in the end what circumstances to go to the casual suit, when the return to 6210 it? According to the previous analysis of Jackets fabric there are several: A, ePTFE film  folder in the middle of the two layers of cloth, B, ePTFE film added to the fabric above the C, PU or TPU coated hydrophilic fabric (visible) D, PU or TPU coated hydrophilic fabric (invisible)

So since the item 62.10 to respect the description of Chapter fifty-ninth chapter, so I read the fifty-ninth chapter:

Item 59.03 Applies to:

A)   impregnated, coated, coated or laminated textile with plastic, regardless of the weight per square meter and the nature of the plastic (tight structure or foam), except for the following:

1.     It is impossible to discern whether or not the impregnated, coated, coated or laminated fabric (usually classified in Chapters 50 to 55, Chapter 58 or Chapter 60),color difference after coating or laminating can not be considered;

2.     A foamed sheet, sheet, or tape that is mixed with a woven fabric and in which the textile is only reinforcing

Obviously the fabric fabric made of the fabric is not only a reinforcing effect, it should be considered by the textile,

Then, according to the notes (1) and (1)1 of item 59.03, it can be judged that A, B and C of the fabric are in the range of 59.03, and D belongs to chapters 50 to 55 and fifty-eighth Chapter or Chapter 60 of the scope of the textile.

If the fabric of the Jackets is A, B, C, then this set of Jackets will consider the return to the item 62.10, if the case of D will consider the return to 62.03.

Here also encountered a problem: Item 62.03 is a suit, then the item 62.10 including the suit?

We look at the item 62.10 next sub-purpose of the arrangement:

62.10 Apparel made of fabric 56.02, 56.03, 59.03, 59.06 or 59. 07 Fabrics:

10 - Apparel made of 56.02 or 56.03 fabric

20 - sub-head 6201.11 to 6201.19 types of clothing

30 - sub-head 6202.11 to 6202.19 types of clothing

40 - other men's clothing

50 - other women's clothing

From the first suborder of item 62.10 we can see that if the jackets meet the other types of clothing listed in 6201.11 to 6201.19, you can go to 62.10, I quickly looked at 62.01 Note:

Item 62.01

The note of item 61.01 may be applied to the intended item after modification in the necessary place.

Item 61.01

This item includes wearing knitted or crocheted men's clothing outside the other clothes to keep the wind warm and the like. These clothes are:

Coat, raincoat, short coat, cloak (including poncho), short cloak, hooded cold jacket (including ski jacket), windbreaker, windproof jacket and similar items (for example, medium coat, thick coat, Cloak, coarse coat, double belt button coat, gabardine coat, snow coat, tire vest).

From the note of the item 61.01 can be seen in the jacket clothing 6210.20, then this Jackets suit in the pants are 6210.20 range?

I saw the entire 6210.20 sub-description is this: "male exterior (the outer surface of the fabric by plastic or rubber completely covered coat, raincoats, cloak, etc.)". From this sentence inference, 6210.20 of the exterior refers to the shirt, then the pants can only be attributed to 6210.40 under the men's long, shorts.

This problem has finally, but i also thought of a problem, if the Jackets as shown below.


(Top, pants style the same)

Such as the Jackets fabric if the case of D, then it can not be classified according to suit, according to the above analysis of the assault jacket returned to 6201, and pants are not included in the 6201. That this pants can be ordinary pants to classify What?

Item 61.03

"Pants" refers to the two legs generally grow to or beyond the ankle of the clothing; the clothing generally wear to the waist. Such clothing with straps should still be regarded as having the basic characteristics of trousers.

This item does not include:

This item does not include:

(A) separate inspection vest (suit vest) (item 61.10).

(2) sportswear, ski suits and swim suits (item 61.12).

According to the title of the definition of the pants and the terms of the exclusive, you can determine if the D fabric to do the pants can be returned to the item 62.03.

The above is for the jacket type raincoat classification analysis, of course, our life is often used in the basic function of a single raincoat, then what are these raincoats? How to classify it? We will briefly introduce the following.

3.Plastic Raincoat

YS-6012 PVC Long Raincoat.jpg

This is relatively simple, generally plastic, according to 39262090 of the plastic clothes to classify 

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