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Raincoat by Style
May 29, 2018

Raincoat by Style:

Windbreaker Style Raincoat

Windbreaker-style raincoat is also commonly known as Peter Pan, cloak-style raincoat, is generally common raincoat.

Advantages: Windbreaker style raincoat is easy to use and wears quickly.

Disadvantages: For the legs of the rain-proof function is slightly inadequate, if in the rain, the wind is larger, the legs are often wet or side of the car spray wet.

Two-section Raincoat

Two-section raincoat is a raincoat with rain pants, usually used in the race of locomotive.

Advantages: For the legs of the rain-proof function than windbreaker-style raincoat better.

Disadvantage: Wear more trouble, if the rain came a little more urgent, raincoat has not been dressed may have been wet.

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