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Raincoat as material
May 29, 2018
he material composition of a raincoat

Tarpaulin Raincoat To sew with a tarpaulin (a fabric surface coated with tung oil or ebara). The Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty invented tarpaulin, the Sui dynasty has been using tarpaulin raincoat, has been used until the 1950s.

Tarpaulin raincoat due to rough, hard, folding and other shortcomings, gradually eliminated. A raincoat is sewn or bonded with adhesive tape (the surface of the fabric is coated with rubber). The 1823 Englishman, Macintosh, invented a waterproof blanket made of natural rubber on the fabric, and a raincoat made of it was called a Mackintosh raincoat. Later, the performance of adhesive tape has been improved and improved.

Fabric raincoat has a good elasticity, insulation and folding resistance, widely used as wind, rain protection supplies. The plastic film raincoat is bonded with plastic film (polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene). This kind of raincoat has the advantages of simple manufacture, light and soft, many varieties and low price, so it has been widely used since the 1960s.

One of the cloak-style raincoats (called poncho) for cyclists is widely used because of its reasonable design and convenient wear. The poncho raincoat is made of poncho sewn by a waterproof or oil repellent treatment. After the oil-repellent treatment of cloth and waterproof, and has a good air permeability, suitable for high-grade raincoat. Anti-poncho varieties, there are rain-proof cotton khaki, rain-resistant cotton poplin, rain-resistant polyester silk and so on. Anti-poncho raincoat is made of fashionable coat style, one is more use, fine, rainy Day should wear.

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