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Rain raincoat factory prompted caution
Aug 29, 2016

Summer thunderstorms, get wet every fashion tide people making love in this gorgeous dress in the rainy season it? good rain raincoat factory in Dongguan with raincoats interpreting pop wind, colorful costumes. In March 2013, Shenzhen popular raincoat. Since March, has been in a rainy weather, wholesale of Shenzhen market umbrella raincoat tends to increase. Coat Factory remind friends going out in the rain, driving in the rain to pay attention to what? driving in the rain should be on prevention, vigilance caution, also to particularly focus on the following points:

First is a roadside shelter children. Children are generally bolder than day, especially to the children of the city, good move. When on a rainy day, like running around, what does and does not know the traffic rules, so be sure to pay attention to it.

Secondly note that cyclists wear a raincoat: when it rains in these people is generally wrapped in a raincoat, just showing a face, ears and raincoat to cover, sight and hearing are more or less certain effects, notice left, right and rear of the tripartite situation cannot be found in a timely manner, to avoid the vehicle.

Note also that the umbrella, one hand cyclists: they ride poor directional stability, meet vehicles travelling close to panic, hovering around, walk on the roads in s-shaped and almost killed.

Also note that the mud road, encountered should be more dynamic, with middle and low speed to pass. Keep good, rainy days of dark eyes, should turn on the headlights, not by experience on "blind". Be careful overtaking, cannot force the overtaking. Avoid open Slam, bend the steering wheel should be carried out gradually to prevent skidding.

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