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Pu raincoats which features
Aug 29, 2016

This summer is the rainy season, rainy days the arrival of many of the people who travel are beginning to have prepared raincoats, do not know how many know about Pu raincoats? Pu raincoats under small series to introduce below what are the characteristics of

1, new energy and environmental protection is to promote the rapid growth of PU highlights

2, building energy efficiency will be an important force in promoting the PU industry development in China

3, the textile industry is pulling the PU industry in China most strong driving force factors

4, the expansion of domestic demand can promote the Chinese PU industry stable development of new points of economic growth

5, multinational companies have to PU investment focus from Europe to China in the world, transnational corporations played a positive role in promoting the development of China's PU. China PU development is inseparable from the world, PU world development is inseparable from China

6, PTMEG is polyether polyols with a high performance. Spandex in the structure of current domestic consumption accounted for 80%. As PTMEG technology content is high, it has been in a State of high prices. Low molecular weight PTMEG technologies more difficult, domestic producers are not yet completely break. PTMEG except for spandex, but in the field of high performance waterborne PU and PU elastomer with good prospect, children in these products made of PU PU raincoat PU raincoats and adult appearance, take care of convenient, cheap, and durable.

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