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PU raincoats in the what are the different methods of washing fabric
Aug 29, 2016

PU, called polyurethane in the textile field, is one of the best international performance thermal insulation materials. Main chain polymers containing-NHCOO-repeating structural units of a class of. Diisocyanate (monomeric) and hydroxyl compounds polymerized, with good oil resistance, toughness, wear resistance, aging resistance and adhesion, Pu raincoats are also very good.

PU rain clothes with dirt must be cleaned, wash different fabrics will be different. To introduce the following:

1 strong alkali resistance of cotton fabric, cotton fabric, not acid resistant, good resistance to high temperature, use SOAP or detergent to wash. Can be soaked in water for a few minutes before washing, but it shouldn't be too long, so as not to damage to color. Lingerie is not soaked with hot water, so as not to stain proteins in adhesion on clothing solidified and yellow sweat stain occurs. Best detergent washing temperature 40 ℃ ~ 50℃. When rinsing, can have "a few times" approach, where each rinse is not necessarily a lot of water, but washing more than once. After each washing should be dry and then rinse a second time, to improve the washing effect, and should be in a cool, ventilated drying the clothes, so as to avoid exposure under the Sun, faded the colored fabrics.

2, hemp fabric hemp fibers hard, poor cohesion, lighter than cotton fabrics when washing, never use a hard brush and rub to avoid fabric pilling. Washed, not twisting, colored fabrics do not use hot water soaking, not in sunlight to avoid fading.

3 waterproof PU raincoats garment leather, silk fabric soaked in water before washing 10min, soaking time should not be too long. Do not use alkali washing, use neutral detergent neutral SOAP or SOAP flakes. Bath with lukewarm or at room temperature as well. Washing is completed, gently squeeze the water and avoid twisting. Should be in a cool and ventilated place to dry, not in the Sun, not to mention the drying.

4 wool, wool fabrics are not alkaline, so washing with a neutral detergent or SOAP flakes. Wool fabrics in the aqueous solution of 30 deg to shrinkage, it washed bath temperature should not exceed 30 ° c. Usually at room temperature (25 degrees centigrade) water detergent-water solution. Wash do not use washboard rubbed even with washing, you should select light wash, wash time should not be too long to prevent the felting. No twisting after washing, hand squeeze to remove water, then drain. When the washer is used in half a minute. Should be in a cool place to hang out, not in strong sunlight exposure, prevent the fabric loses luster and elasticity, and caused a strong decline.

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