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Military raincoats manufactured material
Aug 29, 2016

Of waterproof and moisture permeable laminated fabric is the use of special adhesives, PTFE microporous membrane and regular fabric through the lamination process combined to form. The fabric with excellent waterproof, breathable and windproof warmth, not only prominent, but has a wide range of design flexibility, less pollution, and so on. |

Under normal circumstances, this waterproof, breathable fabric is mainly used in the manufacture of military raincoats, the production of protective clothing and sportswear. manufacture of goods such as tents, current application areas continues to widen. Main technical performance requirements for military-style raincoats is a good waterproof breathable features and light weight. PTFE microporous composite contradiction not only breathable and waterproof fabric, also reduce the weight of the raincoats, thus effectively reducing the soldiers load.

The other hand, the material can also be used to make into suits, woven aramid fabric, membrane PTFE lined with tricot aramid knitted fabrics, adhesives are phosphorus-containing polyurethane, made out of fire service greatly improves the comfort of protective clothing.

Finally, the material can be used in military manufacturing of lightweight tents, because military light tent waterproof, fire-retardant, anti-aging, PTFE thin film materials with corrosion-resistant, strong acid strong alkali resistance, aging resistance characteristics of PTFE laminated fabric can be used. Sleeping bags required to keep warm, breathable, light weight, based on the properties of PTFE microporous membrane laminated fabrics, using a two-tier structure, outer nylon fabric, inner p l FE film. This sleeping bag uses no oxygen, carbon monoxide poisoning hazard.

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