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how to wash waterproof clothes?
Jul 07, 2017

All E-PTFE film clothing can be machine wash. After washing without any permanent waterproof performance loss, the surface of the DWR water function may lost but it can be easily repaired.

Main notes:

1, Before wash you need to pull all the waterprroof jacket zipper, buckle a good button, paste the Velcro, restore the stretch of the drawstring on the hood - otherwise it will cause the fabric twisted.

2, Can not add softener - softener may lead to pressure glue, the film and the lining of separation between the lining, the clothes will be scrapped, even if not so serious, the bubble is also inevitable.

3, Do not use hot water, warm water - waterproof jacket afraid of high temperature.

4, Usually use the drum is better than the pulsator, clothing wear and tangle less, but not necessary.

5, Do not dry, jackets itself waterproof fabric lining with quick-drying nature, and it will not absorb a lot of water, do not pay any effort to hang, do not use a strong centrifugal force to hurt it.

6, If you are not sure whether the use of liquid detergent containing softener(mostly contain),please use material washing like washing powders, detergent.


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