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How To Select Jacket?
Oct 25, 2017

Autumn and winter travel, suffered bad weather greatly increased, then if wearing a fully functional Jackets, the wind and frost rain and snow are no problem, Its warm and breathable, human comfort has also been fully guaranteed, for this it is worthwhile to pay more to buy it.


So, for the ordinary consumer, how to choose a desirable jacket? Comprehensive recommendations made by people can be considered from the following aspects:


The fabric is the key to determining the quality of the jackets. From the material can be divided into two categories: one is EPTFE microporous fabric, basically divided into GORE-TEX, DENTIK, EVENT these three. It is waterproof and breathable function is in the clothing on the outer layer of composite layer of microporous film, which is smaller than the droplets of water molecules, but also larger than the gas molecules, can block the rain while the evaporation of their own sweat; the other is PU or TPU coating (or laminating) of the hydrophilic fabric, its function is by non-porous waterproof layer and hydrophilic molecular chain structure to achieve.

EPTFE advantages is waterproof, breathable performance, especially in the low temperature performance is stable, wide range of applications. Disadvantages are slightly less washability, higher prices; PU fabric is the advantage of good durability, cheap. The disadvantage is poor ventilation performance, especially when the ambient temperature is low, due to material performance instability will result in lower permeability, the range of application is not as extensive as the former.


If the process by sub-section, waterproof breathable fabric can be divided into three categories:

Two layers of adhesive fabric - only in the outer fabric under a layer of waterproof breathable layer, the production of clothing need to add a layer of lining inside to protect the waterproof breathable film. Features are fabric is more soft, wide range of applications.

Three-layer adhesive fabric - in the outer fabric under the composite waterproof breathable layer, and then a layer of lining, in the production of clothing without additional lining. Features are good durability.

Two layers of fabric - between the former two, is representative of the GTX PACLITE fabric, in the outer material under the composite waterproof breathable layer, and then add a layer of protective layer, the production of clothing because there is no longer have a protective layer Plus lining, but more than three layers of adhesive fabric to be thin and soft. Features are light, thin, easy to carry.


Now Jacket brand, style dazzling, the price from a few hundred dollars to nearly tens of thousands range. Many big brands have different series to meet the needs of different activities, and even the same brand, but also because of the different prices of fabric and technology vary. Consumers can buy according to their own needs and economic capability. However, if you are involved in more professional outdoor sports, such as climbing snow-capped mountains, etc., then must to buy excellent performance Jacket and pant.

Season recommendation

ARC'TERYX series

When asked to an outdoor expert, he blurted out: " ARC'TERYX !" 

ARC'TERYX is Canada's top outdoor brand, because of its new technology and new technology dedicated pursuit, in just ten years, the growth of recognized as the North American and global leadership of the outdoor brand, in the field of clothing and backpack has a good product. Arc'teryx's product line still only covers outdoor clothing, backpacks and climbing protector.

The price of its Jackets products generally in the $800-$1000, many people have to have an Archeopteryx Jackets for the dream, and hope as a daily fashion wear.

The North Face series

The North Face is famous in China. Its Jackets products each need to undergo a rigorous market research, combined with the latest high-tech design and the most critical part - professional outdoor athletes field testing. The North Face signs with the world's finest mountain athletes, alpine climbing athletes, rock climbers, skiers, snowboarders and extreme athletes to experience the North Face's equipment in their own adventures and feedback their feedback back to product design, thus ensuring that its products have a very good user experience.

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