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How to remove waterproof warm jackets in the traces of vomit stains and mold?
Aug 29, 2016

Vomiting is common in motion sickness (motion sickness, Halo aircraft), sick or drunk and often vomiting. Remove waterproof warm jackets in the vomit stain cleaning method is as follows:

1, if General vomit stains, greasy ingredients in gasoline to remove stains, and 5% concentrations of ammonia solution, then rinse with clear water.

2, if the stale vomit stains, ready for the ammonia concentration of 10%, the vomit stain moist with a cotton ball dipped in ammonia solution, then wipe with alcohol, SOAP and water to clean the vomit stain, final rinse, rinse until all.

Remove mildew from waterproof warm jacket trails:

Clothes mildew is common in our family, especially in rainy season. Mildew wash method is as follows:

1, extremely difficult to clean mildew on clothes should use 35-60 degrees Celsius hot hydrogen peroxide solution or bleach solution to clean, then rinse with water.

2, mildew on the cotton fabric with ammonia dilution liquid impregnation of the 20 gram mixed with 1 liter of water, and then rinse with water.

3, mildew on Silk Wool cotton balls dipped in turpentine scrubbing should be used, then the Sun, removing moisture.

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