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How to prevent static electricity and electrostatic hazards which
Aug 29, 2016

Static electricity can be said to be omnipresent in our daily lives, around us and with very high electrostatic voltage, thousands of volts or tens of thousands of volts. For special occasions, this voltage may be a deadly hazard. Industrial enterprises in power sector subject to electrostatic hazards have become more prominent, static electricity causing very serious consequences and losses. It can inadvertently be expensive electronic device breakdown, resulting in annual losses of billions of dollars of electronics industry. In the aviation, rocket and satellite launch failures caused by electrostatic discharge, interfering with aircraft operation. In 1967, the United States a serious accident on the aircraft carrier, a sudden ignition of missile on the plane, resulting in a loss of $ 72 million, and injured 134 people, survey results in qualified missile shield connector, ignition was caused by static electricity. Late 1969 in less than a month's time in the Netherlands, and Norway and the United Kingdom three 200,000-ton Super oil tanker explosion occurred in caused by static electricity generated when washing. In petrochemical companies in recent years have occurred in China more than more than 30 causes static electricity posed a serious fire and explosion.

Human is the most widespread source of electrostatic hazards. For electrostatic for, human is conductor, so can on human take grounding of measures: using anti-electrostatic ground, and anti-electrostatic shoes, and socks anti-electrostatic raincoat anti-electrostatic clothing (electrostatic from feet Guide to Earth), through foot anti-electrostatic sex ground, and to pad, and carpet, personnel wear Shang anti-electrostatic footwear raincoat and clothing, formed combination grounding; increased humidity, increased job environment in the air of relative humidity, in currently traditional industry of process in the also is common of electrostatic against anti-business method.

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