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History of the Raincoat
May 29, 2018

History of the Raincoat:

1747, French engineer Francois Freno made the world's first raincoat, he used to obtain latex from rubber wood, put in cloth shoes and coats in this latex solution for dipping, can play a waterproof role. In a rubber factory in Scotland, England, there is a worker named Mckindouss. One day in 1823, when Mckindouss was working, he accidentally dripped a rubber solution onto his clothes. He found, hurriedly with hand to rub, who knows this rubber liquid but seems to infiltrate the clothes, not only did not erase, but painted a piece.
However, Mckindouss is a poor worker, he is reluctant to discard this dress, so he still wears it to work. Soon, Mckindouss found: This coat of rubber on the place, as if coated with a layer of waterproof plastic, although the appearance of ugly, but impervious. He brainwave the whole coat with rubber, and turned it into a rain-blocking garment. With this new dress, Mckindouss no longer worried about the rain. This novel thing soon spread, the factory colleagues know, have also followed the practice of Mckindouss, made a waterproof cloth raincoat. Later, the reputation of the cloth raincoat became more and more great, which attracted the attention of the British metallurgical scientists, and he also studied this special kind of clothes with interest. Parks felt that the rubber-coated clothes, though impervious, were hard and brittle, and they were neither beautiful nor comfortable to wear. Parks decided to make some improvements to the clothes. Unexpectedly, this improvement has taken more than 10 years of effort. By 1884, Paxcais invented the technology of using bisulfide as solvent, dissolved rubber, made waterproof supplies, and applied for a patent. In order for the invention to be quickly applied to production and turned into goods, parks sold the patent to a man named Charles. Since then began to produce large quantities, "Charles Raincoat Company," the firm also quickly swept the world. However, people did not forget the credit of Mckindouss, and everyone called the Raincoat "Mckindouss".
Until now, the word "raincoat" is still called "Mckindouss" in English (Mackintosh). After entering the 20th century, the appearance of plastic and all kinds of waterproof cloth make the style and color of raincoat become more and more rich.

A waterproof raincoat has appeared on the market, which also represents a high level of technology.

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