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Green raincoat considerations
Aug 29, 2016

Green raincoat break with tradition, innovation, makes a raincoat is not only waterproof and anti-static, flame retardants, stain resistance, acid and a series of new products, suitable for large and medium enterprises unit protective rainwear, truly reflects the use of a clothing features, organization will save a lot of energy to financial resources, has been widely praised.

Green raincoat notes:

1, this product is not contact with fire.

2, this product is not contact sharp objects so as not to scratch the surface.

3 this product do not isolate, so as to avoid material aging caused by ultraviolet radiation for a long time.

4, after use of the product in a ventilated place to dry.

Bright green raincoat color fashion, sharp color contrast between the different colors, have poor sight environment on rainy days a strong visual warning effect, can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents.

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