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Do you know how to wash reflective raincoat?
Jun 23, 2017

As a officer worker, sometimes I may walk to work. So will met the wind, rain, snow and other bad wethers, wear a raincoat is choice.

For more safty in walking, I bought a reflective raincoat for internet.

In the rain or sight clarity is not enough circumstances, this raincoat can reflect the light of the reflective bar in the above.

When we wear the raincoat it will inevitably encounter some dirty.

Think about cleaning, can not wash it? How to get it?

Raincoat fabric is waterproof, but the more times you wash the raincoat the more you will reduce the reflective effect. So when you clean it, please wipe it lightly with a damp soft cloth, not mechanical dehydration.

Raincoat proper maintenance methods:

(1)  A little mud, dirt please wipe with a damp soft cloth;

(2)  If it do need to clean, please use neutral detergent;

(3)  Not more than 30 ° of water, soak no more than 5 minutes;

(4)  Rinse and then wipe&clean with a soft cloth on the dirty parts;

(5)  Dry naturally in cool place.

Raincoat wrong maintenance methods:

(1) General after the rain, do not use hand to wring dry.

(2) Do not rub vigorously, it will reduce the reflection effect.

(3) Do not expose it to the sun after washing;

(4) Please do not machine wash, it will lead to degumming and influence waterproof effect.

For your safety in walking, please remember to prepare a safe reflective vest; And in the rain day please remember to prepare a safe reflective raincoat

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