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What's The Difference Between Swim Trunks And Board Shorts?
Sep 15, 2017

What's The Difference Between Swim Trunks And Board Shorts?

1, Use

Board short are more loose and thin drawstring shorts, mainly used for beach play and vacation leisure, go out to play with a simple coat will be fine, and swim trunks in the professional field more requirements, is the official of swimming equipment.

2, Material

Swim trunk material introduced above, the main feature is waterproof, strong and flexible, in order to facilitate swimming; and Board short using a quick-drying fabric made of large pants, with mesh lining, when get wet the board short can quickly dry.

3, Shape

Swim trunks have a triangle and other shapes of the difference, according to different occasions require wearing different shapes swim trunks, and board short only one shape.

Can Board short use as swim trunk?

Professional athletes will require small resistance of water when swimming, so they certainly can not use Board short as swim trunks. But for daily leisure, for convenient, it can.

Summer is hot, good muscle men do not come out if the show about muscle, it is a pity of a thing, but no matter how good your body, but also can not stop wearing the pants embarrassment, just in case, or do not be afraid of trouble, seriously identify the difference between swimming trunks, Board short.

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