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Coat types and what are the characteristics of
Aug 29, 2016

Raincoat is required in use after the maintenance, raincoats are properly maintained, it will extend the life of it. After you use your raincoat on a rainy day, it should be spread out to dry, remove moisture from clothes, because the rain contains impurities, we have cleaning and maintenance the raincoat. Want to avoid is a raincoat should not be placed in the sun exposure, or rub hard enough, would undermine the rainwear waterproof coating on the surface of, affecting the rain effect.

Raincoat fabric is made waterproof coating, are airtight, so generally raincoat back no sewing about 5 cm on each side of the gap, is a specially designed vent holes. Also a raincoat is designed in double-side arm, but no matter what kind of vents will not leak, because is the cover of.

Coat types and what are the characteristics? Below is a brief analysis

1, windbreaker-style raincoat is also commonly known as Peter Pan, cloak-type raincoat, is characterized by trench coat-raincoat features are easy to use, fast.

2, slicker, sewn together with oil. Slicker for rough, hard, not folding and so on shortcomings, was gradually phased out.

3, prevention of poncho raincoats with water repellent or ponchos sewn into prevention of oil processing. After oil and water repellent, and good breathability.

4, Mackintosh, with fabric sewn or glued together. Mackintosh has good elasticity, dielectric and folding, is widely used as a wind-proof, rain-proof Aspirators.

5, plastic raincoats, with plastic film bonded together. This raincoat is made simple, light soft, color varieties and low prices.

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