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About Sportswear
Jul 20, 2018

About Sportswear:

Sportswear refers to the clothing that is dedicated to sports competitions. In broad sense, it also includes clothing worn for outdoor sports activities.
Sportswear is usually designed in accordance with the specific requirements of the sports program.
Athletic wear is mainly divided into track and field uniforms, ball suits, water clothing, ice, weight clothing, wrestling, gymnastics, mountaineering clothing, fencing clothing 9 categories.
In textiles, casual wear and sportswear market, has been the leader of other products, widely favored by consumers, especially in recent years to emphasize the machine
  Energy products, but also a deep acclaim, but only real experts understand the meaning of functional sportswear, such as Malti-layer,onino-skin, consumers to understand the real wearing function, it is waiting for professionals to provide the correct message. Since 1994, many companies have successfully developed a series of functional fabrics, such as Tactal, Gore-Tex, LYCRA, Polortec fleece and so on, according to the characteristics of the fibers, each occupying a place in the market respectively according to their end-use requirements. Also let fiber companies understand the whole of the "fabricsystem", the ultimate use of the fabric, rather than the fiber itself, this recognition will encourage manufacturers to actively target the top, the development of new fibers. The market goal is clear, the probability of success is higher, according to the focus of the appeal, distinguish different categories, such as age, health care, national conditions, popular, gender ...

As an example, 1945 years after the birth of the baby boomers, the current age of about 50 years old, basically, they hold the right to save and spend, affecting the mainstream of the market, but as the age of growth, the new and old market impact is growing, and no longer continuity. Sports apparel industry in China has a good development situation, with the continuous expansion of China's sports apparel industry and export growth, China's sports apparel industry will usher in a new development opportunities.

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